Why you want to start your day with HOT WATER!


As far as morning rituals go, there is one essential practise that is incredibly simple yet effective (and one of the first things I always tell my clients about. )
First thing upon waking, simply sip a cup of hot water - I personally like to add a squeeze half of a fresh lime into mine - depending on the time of year and how I'm feeling!

Incase you didn't already know, some of the pay off's of this ancient Ayurvedic ritual includes improved hydration, digestion & elimination, immunity, complexion and more!

Just to note;; that energetically, lemons have a "heating" effect on the body while limes have a "cooling" effect, because of this, lemons although a health trend are not appropriate for everyone!

For instance, if your more of a "pitta/fire" body type or have a pitta "imbalance" with inflammation & heating issues like heartburn/ reflux especially, then cooling limes may be a better choice for you!
If you don’t already have this healing tonic in your morning routine, I highly encourage you to give it it ago and see the benefits a for yourself!

I would love to now how you get on if you give it a go!!

Michelle Kilgour