My Top 5 Ayurveda Summer Essentials


Ahhh Summer in Ibiza is a magical time but most definitely not without its challenges.

Think Intense, Dry, humid heat for two to three months straight.

Yes, Major Pitta increasing time here in Ibiza, espeically.

After two summers of living as an Islander I can offically say there are a few summer survival items, which I would not be without.

Thankfully, Mother Nature has our back and provides us with ways to help take the edge off.


    I adore Rose in all of its glorious forms - flowers, water, tea and oil - but ohh the beauty of rose water just cannot be beaten! It’s become one of my most favourite and essential ally's over the summer months, which I just would not be without.
    If you don't already know - this amazing plant is packed full of medicinal, healing properties in Ayurveda. It's deeply calming, hydrating, soothing and cooling all at the same time.
    For fiery pittas, this is very good news, especially on hot, summer days . Furthermore, it helps to balance our emotions / the heart chakra, reduce stress and promotes glowing, radiant skin .!!
    For me, Its an on-going love affair!
    What’s not to love ?

I LOVE to make a cooling and hydrating ROSE WATER MIST -

simply take an empty and cleaned spritzer bottle

Fill half way with rose water -

2. aloe vera

Aloe Vera - THis miracle in a herb -

Limes & Sweet. juicy fruits -

One of my favourite things about summer is the abundance of incredible water-rich fruits available like watermelon, peaches, berries, grapefruits, pineapple, mango, et al. I am so blessed that the seasonal fruits here in Ibiza are a dream!

Figs are paticularly nourishing this time of year.

These fruits will keep you from getting dehydrated and ensure you are refreshed.

Fruits are best enjoyed firt thing in the morning, before breakfast.

You can blend these fruits in to delicious juices or eat them as is.

Cooling spices & herbs like - Mint, Coriander, Mint & Ayurvedic tonic - Amalaki .

cooling herbs help in cooling your body.

Coconut Water + Oil - Need I say more ? This coolng tropical oil is a must in my summer survival kit

Michelle X