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Hello and welcome! I’m Michelle, an Ayurveda Wellness Consultant here to support you in learning how to naturally find balance in your daily life and awaken your true well-being.
Since traveling to India in 2014, on my own life-changing journey, I've studied and trained in the ancient healing wisdom of Ayurveda with devoted teachers, for the past four years.

I’m now based in Ibiza sharing my expansive knowledge of Ayurveda through private consultations, talks & workshops. For me, it's all about sharing simple tools for creating balance and harmony while guiding you to live a life in flow with nature.
I look forward to meeting you!
Michelle X


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 “We all have an inner wisdom within us that knows how to self-heal and restore health,
we just need to be awakened to it.
Ayurveda is the gentle guide for showing us the way!
The way back to our true self . "
~ Michelle Kilgour

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